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I like your mum. ^^ I can never make anyone watch anything if it’s not dubbed! And Doctor Who in Spanish sounds so wrong. *shakes head* Wild West… I know my sister would love it but she does need the subtitles. Agh!

can you believe I actually watched the first 5 seasons of DW in spanish? (I know, I know…)

I couldn’t do it now that I’ve heard it in english tho

my parents got used to watch stuff in english with subtitles back then when Lost was a thing so luckily they don’t have any problem with it.

Wild West, prehaps your sister could watch it with subs in English? It’s what I do and it’s easy to understand, my bff can watch it and he’s not that good with english (as you can see, I go around forcing people to watch stuff… you could say it’s my thing)

  1. arebas said: Nice that this only shows up NOW. ¬¬ We have to force people to watch things otherwise how are we going to enrich their boring lives? They depend on us to become better human beings! ;)
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